Using Green Products Makes A Better Business

This is going to be a short post going over the reasons why you may want to transition to being a more environmentally friendly business.

Reduce Costs:

Sticking to a strict budget is essential to keeping your small inn on track. Money saving strategies are always worth looking into, and going green is one of them. One way that an inn going green can easily save money is by minimizing power usage. By switching your old-fashioned light bulbs with compact fluorescent lighting, you can save over fifty percent on your energy bills. Converting to paperless saves money on paper, printing supplies and file cabinets. These measures actually help preserve the planet. Also, by sharing your best strategies online, you can create a following of other innkeepers interested in your tactics.


By going green, you’re reducing costs, recycling waste, and using products made from recycled materials. Over the long run, this is a more sustainable business model due to consumer demand, profit margins, and tax savings.

By adopting a green business early on, you’ll be setting yourself up for years later rather than playing catch up.

Public Image:

As an inn, your public image is one of the most important things that you need to maintain. A poor public image can quickly see guest bookings drop off.

Year over year, the demand for environmentally friendly businesses grow. And as economics go, the supply of those businesses are also on the rise. By being one of the first inns in your local area to become a “green inn”, you’ll be meeting the demand of the area that no one else is.

You can also be seen as a local thought leader by advocating for other businesses to follow in your footsteps. Partnering with the local chamber of commerce is one of the ways that you’d be able to spread your message.

These are just a few of the countless reasons to go green and there’s plenty more that you can find by doing some simple research as well as reaching out to other local businesses who have decided to go green.