Explore the Lost places Berlin:

lost places berlin

Berlin has seen rapid development over more than 100 years with getting into a global metropolis. Within the time periods of 30 years, the population also grew from mere 500,000 to whopping 4 million inhabitants. In the year 1920, Berlin was considered as the third-largest city on the planet which came mostly due to factories out of which many are still present around the city, albeit mostly as ruins. If a person is taking a bike tour around the city of the last century all the ruins can be specified in any bike app as a target destination.

lost places berlin

About Ausländerlager Schönholz:

There are many remnants of bunker coming with possibilities of finding the remnants which are present in the city of Berlin. There are some more obvious bunkers and this makes it a guaranteed fact that one will find the remnants of Bunker in one of the park and in such parks there are chances of finding left of Ausländerlager Schönholz.

The Volkspark Schönholzer in the 1750s when Queen Elisabeth Christine bought a plot of land in order to establish a Mulberry plantation. After few years a small colony of weavers was settled on the park edge. The expansion of the colony was in 1791 and was renamed to Schönholz. From the year 1880, there was a small cast built up which housed on All Girls school from the year 1872 to 1884. From 1990 onwards the southern edge of the park was officially opened to the public and it became increasingly popular among the people of Berlin, there are now Restaurants, tennis and football courts, shooting ranges made. The Luna Park in Halensee which is the largest amusement park in the Europe continent was moved to the Schönholz Park followed by Berlin’s one of the largest forced labour camp in 1940 and April 1945. The entrances have been filled with earth and windows have also been bricked up. There is a presence of a small hole in one of the bricked window where one can with a flashlight. For more adventurous stuff step into a bunker and enjoy your best at one of the lost places Berlin