Simple Yet Effective Ways For Others To Recognise Your Poetry

poetry sites

Finally having an idea of what to put into words is simpler than getting exposure as a poet and also getting paid for your works. A few decades ago, poets are not getting that much recognition, but with the help of the new technology these days, building an audience is becoming more and more achievable through poetry sites.

That is if you know what you are doing and make use of the available sources online for you. If you want to share your artistic words and touch the hearts of millions of readers, here are some of the simplest ways for your poetry to be recognised.

Use The Internet To Your Advantage

There are a couple of social media outlets and platforms that you should experiment in if you want others to read your poems. These are the platforms that allow writers to publish poems and excerpts of their work not only to build their name but also to determine what interests their readers.

poetry sites

  • Twitter. Tweet your poetry and start to gain a following. Make sure that you use the right hashtags to help you to be easily recognised among other authors and readers. Sneak in a hashtag that can gain media attention.
  • Instagram. If you want to reach out to a huge number of readers, this is one of your best options. Familiarize yourself with “Instagram Poet” where writers share their poetry using images on Instagram.
  • Tumblr. This site is very flexible when it comes to the type of poetry that you can share. However, the audience is not as big as Instagram but it’s still pretty impressive. You would realize that the Tumblr community is very supportive but your chance to become recognised through your works is random.

Chat On Forums

Aside from blogs and social media sources, you can also visit different forums that are specifically dedicated to poetry. They usually have word message boards where you can submit your work and receive constructive feedback in return.

  • All Poetry. Other poets would claim that this is the biggest poetry community. The site has writing groups and they also hold contests for poets. This site is specifically dedicated for poets and you can even get feedback on your works.

Self-Publish A Poetry eBook.

In this technology-driven world, ebooks and digital publishing are two important areas that you should make use of. For ebooks, you can choose from epub and mobi file formats. They are two different types of software that you can utilise to convert your manuscript.

If you want to make a difference not only for yourself but also to the readers that you can inspire, it is time to check out these poetry sites and find out which are the ones that would work best for you. Sure, many poets gain fame and success from self-publishing, but you should step up and spend some time and effort to reach out to as many people and places as you can if you want to succeed.