How to access YouTube: effective strategies to unlock social networking sites

proxy servers

If you are currently for business travel or business travel, you probably know that you no longer have access to YouTube or many other social networking sites, including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Many governments have blocked YouTube for a short time. A recent example of this is the lack of access to YouTube.

This is a classic example of state censorship. The government blocks these sites and deprives you of the freedom of information that many of us take for granted.

So, how do you access YouTube, as well as Facebook and Twitter? You just have to use a proxy.

Use of proxy services to access YouTube

However, there are many alternatives to access YouTube. One of them is the use of proxy servers for blocked sites. Proxies, such as youtube proxy, do not require any change in your browser settings.

For sites of this type, simply enter the blocked website you want to access in the URL field and the proxy server will automatically take you to the site. The problem is that free proxy servers tend to work slowly because many people use them to make their traffic anonymous. However, in many cases, free proxy servers do not block YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.

proxy servers

Beware of some proxies that unlock YouTube

Some other proxies require that you download the program and allow you to browse the web anonymously and access YouTube. These proxies are faster and more efficient than web proxies. However, most intermediate programs require money. Personally, I would stay away from them because they can install adware and spyware on your computer.

Proxies, like Skydur, have Lite. But in the free / light version you can only access Facebook. Some proxy programs, such as ProXPN, can cause the loss of the current Internet connection, but at the same time allow you to use your proxy, which becomes inconvenient. Also, with other proxy servers, you can only access those websites that need to be unlocked.

Alternatively, many families living buys and pay for their own VPN. These VPNs are fast and efficient, but they cost money and require a monthly test.