Eyes Here! – Possible Server Risks

free proxy

Online proxy, yet, has more pros than cons, but as a user, you still need to be cautious when choosing a proxy server – a few common risks can negate any of the potential benefits:

free proxyFree proxy server risks

  • You should remember that you get what you are paying for – right! Using one of the many free proxy server services can be quite risky, even the services using ad-based revenue models can bring up the risks more than the benefits.
  • Free – means that these servers are not investing in heavy back end hardware or encryption. You will more often see performance issues and potential data security issues.

Browsing history log

  • Your proxy serves holds your original Internet Protocol (IP) address and web request information more possible, even non-encrypted which is being saved in a local phase. Always ensure to check your proxy server logs and saves that data, and what kind of retention or law enforcement cooperation policies your server follows.
  • You might not be receiving the expected value for the service if you expect to use a proxy server for privacy, but the vendor is only logging and selling your data.

No encryption

  • You might as well opt not to use a proxy server if you are using one that does not have any encryption. Your usernames and passwords and account information will get grabbed easier by anyone who is listening so you might as well make sure that whatever proxy server you are using provides full encryption capability.

            Types of Proxy Servers

  • Transparent proxy – this tells websites that it is a proxy server and will still pass along your Internet Protocol Address which identifies you to the web server.
  • Anonymous proxy – this will identify itself as a proxy but will not pass your IP address to your requested website which then helps prevent identity theft and keeps your browsing habits private.
  • Distorting proxy – this proxy server passes along a false IP address for you while it identifies itself as a proxy.
  • High anonymity proxy – this changes the IP address every period whenever it present to the web serves so about make it very difficult to keep track of what traffic belongs to who.

            Bear in mind that not all proxy servers work the same way, so it is important to understand exactly what function you want from the server and ensure that it meets your user case.