Cutting-Edge Features of Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is thriving worldwide these days. Adobe Illustrator offers many features. If you really want to learn about logo designing, then must visit the Skillshare logo tutorials. Let us have a look at these cutting-edge features related to illustration and graphics program of Adobe.

Feature #1

Adobe Illustrator offers many art-board features. You can pick any of your existing art-boards and club it in a single document. One can use maximum of 100 art-boards in a single document. The user can resize, delete, add and edit the art-boards as well.

Feature #2

A next feature is a tool named Shape Builder. With the help of this tool you can easily manipulate your images; overlap different shapes and fill color in the selected area of the chosen object. In advertising campaign and Skillshare logo designing this particular feature plays a crucial role.

Feature #3

Drawing enhancement is the third most impressive feature of the adobe illustrator. Your drawing will be automatically adjusted within the boundary and rest of the shape or image will be vanished. This saves your precious time in editing work.

Feature #4

The most interesting fourth is the painting with the bristle brush. You can select the different size and shape of the brush. This will give the look to your object as you have hand painted with a wet brush. It lets you give a unique appearance to your artwork.

Feature #5

The fifth feature includes tools, which help in perspective drawing. You can start by grid manipulation and select the various vanishing points as per your need. After doing this, one can begin utilizing the artwork and adjust it at grid’s different points. The best part of this feature is that you can apply graphics while using the grid. The perspective or angle of the original picture will change as per the distance.

There are many other features, which have been included however it’s a big list to scroll. The above-mentioned 5 features are the most stand out amongst them all. The Adobe Illustrator always amazes their designers with their cutting-edge new and fresh tools.