Four tips that can help in increasing your company’s Instagram account popularity

According to recently released data, photo sharing app Instagram has already reached 700 million users milestone. The app has been continuously showing progress since the day it was released. After its takeover by Facebook, more and more advertisers started showing their confidence towards the application. Today, it has become the second most popular social media portal. Facebook remains the first one. Here are some tips that can prove to be helpful for small companies who are about to set up an Instagram account.

Understand your business category

Before your company’s Instagram account goes live, you need to find the category, the niche that your brand belongs to. You need to approach the target demographic with something relevant, something valuable that can help you stand apart from the crowd. The best way to find your niche can be simply following your competitor’s account to see the kind of posts and content that they release.

Get high-quality images and graphics

Instagram users often rely on hashtags to find the content that they are looking for. Thus, using relevant and trending hashtags that are relevant to your products can prove to be the best option to attract more users towards your posts.  Use high-quality photographs along with your company’s watermark. Your posts should stand apart from others in the newsfeed in order to attract users and force them to follow your account.

Following individuals in your niche

This is probably the most recommended step by marketing agencies. Follow your competitors and people in your industry to understand what kind of posts they publish on a daily basis and the kind of response that they receive for the same.

Following the influencers would also help your team to understand how they interact with users as well as customers who use Instagram to put their complaints across.

Use the platform to engage with the customers

As mentioned above, use this platform to inform, engage, and entertain people as well as your customers. Do not look at complaining users as troublemakers; they use the platform to vent their anger. Try to solve such complaints and offer your resolution on the post itself. This will also help in attracting prospects, as your reply would prove how you handle customer complaints seriously.

If you prefer to Buy real Instagram followers, you can also use some of those accounts to comment and like your own posts.