Tankless water heater has brought relief to many people all over the world. But then, there are still some people out there who are not getting real value from this wonderful device. The fault is not that of the device; it has to do with a variety of conditions which were not put in proper place in the first instance. One of such conditions is the capacity of your home or office. This is very important if you are to enjoy the full benefits of this device; we shall be dwelling on this; for more information at tankless water heater hub.

When we are talking about capacity; there are three things that you must put into consideration before you place the order for this device. These three factors must be mathematically determined; armed with that, you can then place your order for that device that will serve you to maximum satisfaction. Below are the tips:


You must figure the load that you expect your device to carry. How often are you going to have then in use? Which are the ones that you are expected to use simultaneously? When you have gotten all these, the total flow rate to cover your hot water demand can be calculated. An example is presented below for a typical household:

  • Bathroom faucet – 0.5-1.5 GPM
  • Kitchen faucet – 3-7 GPM
  • Shower – 1-2 GPM
  • Dishwasher – 1-2.5 GPM
  • Clothes washer – 1.5-3 GPM


There is a temperature rise of the incoming water to your home. You need to determine this rise in temperature. If you are to get the best result from the best tankless water heater, you have to take this factor into serious considerations. It is a DIY thing which you can determine by using a thermometer. There is a desired water temperature of your choice; simply subtract it from the one you got through the thermometer and you will get the exact demand from your device. This is the figure you will work on; when you get a device that performs in that desired temperature, there will no issues whatsoever.


The combinations of the two factors above are all you need to get the right size of a device that will meet all your expectations 24/7. You are better placed if you know elementary issues on tankless water heater reviews. Take the due diligence to put the two factors in place and you will have the best value for your money.