Be a Professional Rescuer with Texas Rope Rescue: Training Since 2000

Texas Rope Rescue has been giving on-site rescue classes where they focus on “Mastering the Basics” while “keeping it simple”. This is their effective training approach in the middle of the evolution of technology. There might already be new techniques and rescue training machines, but what they aim for is to get the rescuer to the patient and the patient to the ambulance efficiently.

            A lot of their clients are getting tired of the generic training that they are getting which is not appropriate for the types of rescue that they should prepare for. This is why more companies are going for Texas Rope Rescue to make that change happen. The company provides the only custom designed on-site rescue as well as safety training for different circumstances.

The Scenario-Based Training.

            Texas Rope Rescuer are proud of their scenario-based training which is based specifically on what your company needs. The usual mistake is, most companies would focus on the worst-case scenarios and would usually neglect the simple rescue methods. The classes and training offered would right fit the company’s training needs and nothing in between.

             Whether your team needs rope rescue classes, tower rescue training, or confined space rescue training, Texas Rope Rescue has specific classes for these types of rescue needs. Or maybe your team needs a refresher course on other rescue and safety training classes, Texas Rescue Rope is ready for you.

Rescue Training Courses Offered

            The Texas Rope Rescuer is offering different kinds of rescue training classes. Just to name a few, here are some of the classes they offer that would definitely be a great help for your company to prepare for future incidents.

  • Rescue from Height Training. This training is best when there is a need to rescue the patient from an onshore or offshore drilling rig. High angle rescue training would be able to teach your crew on how to access, disentangle, extricate, package, and also lower the patient without having any problems. They would be able to learn how to use a harness and a basket in this type of rope rescue training.
  • Fall Protection Rescue. Texas Rope Rescue would be able to help the team learn how to use the standard industrial rescue equipment. This will provide your people with skills that are needed to perform a fast rescue during emergencies.
  • Tower Rescue Training. This is one of the high angle rescue training that are popular with Texas Rope Rescue. This training will include safety, grounding, EMF, conductors, insulators, tower access, patient access, rope rescue rigging as well as the industrial first aid. The Texas Rope Rescue has a lot of different classes for you to choose from in this type of training.

Training your people to be emergency-ready is needed to be ready anytime for unwanted accidents. Texas Rope Rescue are well-versed in these kinds of scenarios to be fully prepared in case there’s a need for rescue. During these times, the person doing the rescue might not be able to make decisions or think clearly. This is why rescue methods should be second-nature in the company. Everybody should know what to do in times of trouble.