Maintaining a beautiful and well-kept garden is easy if you follow some basic guidelines. We teach you how to do it simply and quickly. Are you one of the lucky ones who have their own garden? If so, do not miss it and enjoy the good weather, in the best environment, without leaving your home. We give you the best care of a garden that you should not overlook. Click here for curb appeal mansfield oh.

curb appeal mansfield ohThe ground

The cleanliness and the good maintenance of the ground is basic to be able to enjoy a perfectly conditioned garden. Visit this site for curb appeal mansfield oh.


Obviously our garden must be an airy space, in which plants can grow without problems. The lack of ventilation can cause the appearance of fungi.


We must allow our plants and shrubs to have space between them, since, otherwise, malformations can occur in their growth and, also, there is more facility for diseases or pests to spread from one plant to another.


It is essential to control insect pests and bacteria that attack plants. There are countless products on the market, such as repellents or bactericides, that can help you achieve it.


Fertilizing the garden is a basic aspect of gardening. It must be taken into account that it must be done according to demand, that is, if our garden has a large number of flowering plants, it will require a greater amount of fertilizer and more frequency. It is also important to know that the time to pay is in the spring and summer months.


It is essential to water the garden, however, we must do it with caution: we must avoid excess moisture, as it can cause plants to rot. In addition, it is necessary to know that the best way to irrigate is by spraying because it is less harmful to plants and water gradually penetrates the soil.

Sowing bulbs

It is essential to know and respect the specific periods to plant the different types of plants and shrubs. There are different times of flowering and cultivation.


As with planting, we must know that each plant or tree has a specific time to be pruned. Shrubs that bloom from late winter to early spring should be pruned after flowering, while plants that bloom in late spring or summer should be pruned during winter.

Combination of plants

This, perhaps, is one of the favorite parts of the lovers of the vegetable world, Creating a garden, terrace or patio with our favorite flowers and plants is a luxury. Geraniums with petunias and daisies with tulips are some of the combinations that will give a great look to your pots.