Healthy recovery is very important in heart valve diseases!

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Today, heart diseases are very common and heart valve surgery is a treatment for heart valve disease. In this disease, one out of the four valves that keep blood flowing smoothly and in one direction does not work properly. The improper valve can be different and also there can be a difference in heart valve replacement surgery cost in India. Valves have the flaps which keep opening and closing in a heartbeat. The surgery is mainly open heart whereas it can be invasive in very few cases. The treatment varies from person to person as it depends on a number of factors such as age, health, condition and many more.

Recovery after valve surgery can take minimum two weeks or maximum 8 to 10 weeks. During this crucial time, patient’s activities are limited. It is common to face some emotional changes and chest pain. Medicines will be regular. The incision can cause ache and swelling can be there. Most probably, these symptoms get better after 4 weeks. The patient may get tired easily and need to rest frequently. Improving in lifestyle is important like adding exercise in the day and adding fruits to the diet.

 heart valve replacement surgery cost in India.

Here are some useful tips which can help a person to regain its wellness soon and recover from this heart valve surgery:

  • Rest and Sleep properly: the patient may feel depressed and trouble with sleep but having a healthy sleep can prevent many of the diseases. It is recommended to sleep on your back, so it does not give pressure on the incision.
  • Walk: It is crucial to walk little. Increasing in walking distance from the previous day will be helpful. Walking simply boosts up the blood flow and helps in preventing constipation which is quite a common side effect of medicines.
  • Avoid all types of strenuous exercises and weightlifting: Activities such as cycling, jogging, and running should be avoided for at least two months after the surgery. Lifting weight can cause pain in the incision and also hold a cushion against the incision when patient’s cough.
  • Proper Diet: It is a very important part of recovery from any of the disease. Eating low salt food is important. To have a good dietician is mainly advised. Talk to the dietician in case of excess constipation.
  • Drink fluid: Increase in the quantity of water or fluid from which a patient used to drink before the surgery.
  • Keep doctor in touch: Keep contacting the doctor so if there is any change in the medicines are required or not. He/she will instruct you about taking any new medicines.
  • Care about blood thinners: Most of the patients take blood thinners like clopidogrel and aspirin which are very important for any heart patient. Always follow the doctor advice about the dosage of these medicines.
  • Incision care: In the initial days, it is recommended to not to bath for at least 2 to 3 weeks. Tapes fall automatically; don’t try to tear them off. Keep the incision area clean and dry.

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