Here’s how to step up your landing game in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is currently considered as the number one game on the planet, and because it is relatively new, it has not even been out for a couple of months yet, but people are going crazy over this game. However, a lot of players are still figuring out Respawn Entertainment’s first entry in the already congested battle royale genre of gaming. The game’s built-in tutorial is only useful for grasping the basic mechanics of the game which comes to the point that the best way to learn in playing Apex Legends especially when it comes to the landing where a lot of players get frustration from is to familiarize the game first.

Familiarizing the game requires dozens of hours of playing Apex Legends, and you already checked out some articles about beginner’s guide, and there are a lot of deeper mechanics and the design elements that need to be uncovered and learn, which is why in this article, let us try to help each other in solving the frustrating drops before the game started and how to properly land and get the most out of it, but you can always do the easy way if you know how to use apex legends coins hack by installing apex legends hack tool.

Learning the right way to move while you are in the air is just as important as what happens in the ground game, considering that your prospects in a match of Apex Legends will usually hinge on where you decide to land, and of course, the random generation of gear plays a huge role, even in areas that are supposed to have a higher-tier loot, however, there is a definite skill that must be involved in answering the age-old question in Battle royale gaming of where you should be dropping with your squad especially if you have apex legends free coins.

It is easy enough to aim for a zone of King’s Canyon which is along or near the path of the dropship, however, if you are looking to reach a far-flung area of the map, getting there will need some deft handling, and a good understanding of some physics and a little use of apex legends aimbot.

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It may seem for you that the best way to maximize your range particularly your horizontal distance as the jumpmaster which, by the way, is always the third player to pick a character, unless they do not actually select a character at all is to fly straight ahead or as close as possible to the landing spot. However, if you take stock of the gauges that appear on the right and left sides of your screen while you are dropping in the middle of the sky, you will quickly realize that it is not entirely the case.

The left gauge measures your squad’s airspeed while the right gauge is your altitude, and unlike in Respawn’s Titanfall series, the characters in Apex Legends do not have jump jets for double jumping purposes, however, they are equipped with jetpacks for the drop, and as a jumpmaster, you should always propel your jetpack towards yourself regardless what platform you are playing either PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or a PC to maximize your total speed, if not, you will just be lazily dropping to the ground during the free fall considering that a lot of players including you who are not using the apex legends hack apk.

If you merely soar high right ahead, you will soon lose steam, and you will fall short of any spot that has been farther than 750-meters from your launch point or jump off point, and how do you maintain your speed over long distances? You should use gravity to your own advantage by flying straight where you can accelerate through the velocity. Once your speed gets back up above 140 miles per hour, you can flatten out and you can return to flying straight because you enable yourself to coast for a few seconds before you slow down as you near the landing area. From there, you can simply repeat these two steps until you reach your preferred landing area.

You should always avoid flying too close to natural or manmade structures like any rock formations that are too tempting to land or you can trigger the landing animation, considering the game assumes you are already near the solid ground and also if you are not using any apex legends hack or any apex legends cheats. During the flight, you should use the free-look function or ask your teammates to do it so you can watch for other groups that are flying the same direction to the landing area. To learn more about tips and tricks about Apex Legends, check out this link