The Irish dance or the step dance is the type traditional form of dance originated in Ireland many years ago and the tradition lives on. The Irish dance can come in two main flavors such as being social and the performance or the competition type, but both with the similar form of step dance styles and both are originated in Ireland.  The step dance, groups or the individuals ranging from 2 to 16 people with some movements may resemble the country square dancing.

Irish dancers all around the world can vigorously rehearse their own movements with strict instructions of the trainers and the teachers. Many top trainers of the art may be located in Brussels, housing their training centers in any dance centers. More than thousands of dancers each year are visiting the Irish Dancing Classes in Brussels to compete in the tournaments where the skills are put to the test along side with some other dancers.

Children above the age of four can learn this Irish dance. The classes in Brussels are thoroughly managed to make sure each child learns at the perfect pace or not. By mixing with the different age group, the children can take rest, but they also have the chance how other children of the different age groups are performing.

Adults can also learn this dance. Many adults are taken this class very seriously to participate in the competitions, but they are also making a great night with their dances and their dance is enjoyed from all around the world.

There are many events held in all around the world and in every tear many winners are receiving many medals and awards as a token to their dedication as a contestant to their art. Not only this is named as dance, but the Irish dancing is also a great sport for all age type people and with many schools in Brussels are choose from. This is also very easy to find the classes where you can also learn on how to dance and make many new friends for your life.