Guide to choose a stainless steel griddle

Griddle is the most used cookware when a family has get together or friends going for camp. This is a flat surface cookware where we can cook dishes like pancakes, tortillas, French toast, eggs, grilled cheese, reuben and hamburgers. These are actually few of the dishes that can be cooked with griddle. Apart from this […]

Top 5 places to visit before you leave Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale Beach Stronghold Lauderdale Beach lies at the core of the traveler region in Fort Lauderdale. Once known for spring break frenzy, when a large number of understudies plunged on the shoreline, the Fort Lauderdale shoreline region is currently more steady yet at the same time an engaging stretch of sand. The shoreline is […]

5 Amazing Health Benefit of Sati Drink

Sati Drink is the sweet and tasty drink taken from the palm trees. Anyone from Cameroon, Nigeria, and Ghana and other parts of Central and West Africa can extract sati drink from the palm trees. It is not only a tasty drink but also the healthy drink. Here are the some of the benefits of […]