Things you need to be clear before hiring a DevOp

In today’s time, the field of DevOps has increased quite a lot in demand. If you compare them with Dev leaders, there is no doubt that DevOps are ruling especially because of additional skill sets which they have got. If you are planning to hire a candidate for the DevOps position, you need to determine whether the applicant is well aware about the software development principles and methods and whether it is a perfect fit for the job role for this organization or not. Hiring such candidate for the first time can often be confusing. But if you follow some essential tips, then it shall not be difficult for you.

Know the skills because of which DevOps are in demand:

With so many companies and infrastructures now switching to the cloud computing, the demand for the experts operating and working on cloud are quite a lot. Those who are well aware about using cloud or have got the skills to use it are considered to be the first priority. The rapid growth of Cloud environment opens up new opportunities because of which there are many workers and businesses that are earning a lot. Talking about the software engineers, IT engineers and even the cloud architects are benefiting from such career option in monetary and career point of view.

The Top Notch Skills that DevOps must acquire:

  • The person should be well aware about using the configuration management tools
  • The person shall also have the knowledge of using virtualization tools
  • The person shall have good programming skills in different languages such as Java, Ruby, and Python to name a few

Interviewing the candidate in a right manner:

If the candidate clears the DevOps assessment tool then you need to meet him in the next round of interview for the personal assessment. To ask the right qualification is important for obvious reasons. When it comes to hiring a highly skilled candidate in the job role, you can figure out what exactly and where a candidate must fit in the mix and whether the person can go along well with the existing team or not.

Take some crucial decisions with the Help of:

  • Compare different candidates with regards to the skills gaps that exists within the team
  • Get better understanding about the strength and weakness of the candidate
  • Understand the key sills that a candidate may use
  • Know whether the applicant has better understanding of the software development project that may come ahead with on-going operations.

Determine whether an applicant has a deep understanding of the big picture of software development as it connects to on-going operations.

Know the ability of the potential candidate and make sure that team collaboration is done in a right manner

Focus on hiring the candidate keeping bigger and better picture in mind. Instead of struggling hard to know whether a DevOp person can actually help your organization or not, make sure you use the interview questions with quality output and thus gain tremendous response. At the end of the day, it is your call on how well shall you actually make the decision of hiring.